After-School Activities

Trinity Lutheran School is able to offer many after-school activities for its student body. Extracurricular activities are defined as those activities that are not part of the academic curriculum. Any group, club or team representing Trinity Lutheran School that does not meet during regular school hours can be considered an extracurricular activity.

Trinity’s teachers and parent volunteers give their time and talents to provide a well-rounded experience for all our students. Often there are many participants who are the responsibility of the adviser or coach; for this reason, siblings of the participants will not be allowed to remain and wait until the conclusion of the practice or activity. Only students who are directly involved with the school-sponsored activity are allowed at the practice, meeting, or rehearsal. Parents, we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Trinity Track

Athletics At Trinity Lutheran School: We desire our student athletes to compete to the best of their God-given ability. Success in athletics should not only be based on wins and losses but also on attitude, effort, and sportsmanship. Participating in athletics at Trinity is one aspect of a student’s life as they grow in grace and knowledge of their Savior and the eternal life that awaits them in heaven.

Athletics can and should be a positive vehicle to develop Christian values that can be displayed throughout the individual’s life.



Soccer Shots
3PK – 4th Grade

6th – 8th Grade

5th – 8th Grade


5th – 8th Grade

5th – 8th Grade

5th – 8th Grade


5th – 8th Grade


Chess Club
6th – 8th Grade

History Bee
4th – 8th Grade

Spanish Club
KDG – 8th Grade

Bible Journaling

4th – 8th Grade

Spelling Bee
1st – 8th Grade

Student Council
6th – 8th Grade

Academic Bowl

6th – 8th Grade

Lutheran National Junior Honor Society

Bluestem Award Readers

Rebecca Claudill Readers

Fine Arts

Cherub Choir
3PK- 4PK Grade

Joyful Choir

KDG – 2nd Grade

Middle Grade Choir
3rd – 5th Grade

Trinity Singers
6th – 8th Grade

Trinity Chimes 
6th – 8th Grade

4th – 8th Grade

Art Club/Origami
3rd – 4th Grade

7th – 8th Grade

KDG – 5th Grade

Theater Club
4th – 8th Grade