Bible Study | TLC Youth Event

BIBLE STUDY | TLC YOUTH EVENT The evening begins with a snack and fellowship, moves to approximately 20-30 minutes of interactive Bible study, and ends with an activity chosen by the youth group members. (6pm-7:15pm) LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING – SIGN UP TODAY!   QUESTIONS?  


Art Class: Dot Art | TLC Youth Event

ART CLASS: DOT ART | TLC YOUTH EVENT Dot art is fun and creative and done right results in a beautiful design. Some people use Q-tips to create the dots, but we will use tools specifically made for Dot Art. We will be putting our “dots” on a 6” wooden circle. (6pm-7pm) SPACE IS LIMITED –…


Bend & Stretch | TLC Youth Event

FUN AND FUNCTION BEND & STRETCH WITH SMOOTHIES | TLC YOUTH EVENT This class will help with mobility and health of joints. The kids will also practice breathing correctly to experience how correct breathing can be so beneficial to our health. After 45 minutes of mobility exercises, we will end with a smoothie. (6pm-7pm) in the…


Origami Fun | TLC Youth Event

ORIGAMI FUN | TLC YOUTH EVENT Origami helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, mental concentration and its just plain fun. Origami uses paper to create decorative shapes and figures. Come see what you can make. (6pm-7pm) SPACE IS LIMITED – SIGN UP TODAY!   QUESTIONS?  


Rare Coin Facts | TLC Youth Event

RARE COIN FACTS | TLC YOUTH EVENT Do you collect coins or have an old coin or coins that you would like to know more about or wonder if they are worth something? We have an expert on hand that can help you with that information. Bring your favorite coins in and have some fun…

Pumpkin Patch

Trinity Lutheran’s Pumpkin Patch

Trinity will be hosting its first ever Pumpkin Patch this Fall!! A Great New Outreach and Fundraising Opportunity October 16th– 31st 11:30am-7:30pm Each Day   -VOLUNTEER SIGNUP LINK- That’s right! What an opportunity for outreach to our community as we pique the interest of passersby. Trinity will host a pumpkin patch with the proceeds going to…